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How to Overcome and Prevent Vocal Band Lumps

Vocal folds can form due to irritation when the vocal cords are overused. These lumps cause the voice to turn hoarse or even disappear. But, you dont have to worry. In addition to being overcome, vocal cord lumps can also be prevented. The vocal cords are elastic tissue in the voice box (larynx) located in the larynx. When someone talks or sings, air from the lungs comes out through the vocal cords and causes vibrations. This vibration produces sound. Excessive use of the vocal cords can cause irritation to that part. If it happens continuously for a long time, irritation of the vocal cords will form a hard lump. In addition to making a hoarse, low or missing sound, vocal cord lumps can also cause a lump in the throat, pain in the throat or neck, and cough. How to Overcome Vocal Band Lumps If you experience these complaints, you are advised to consult an ENT doctor. The doctor will ask for a history of complaints and illnesses that you have suffered, as well as an examination of
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Muscle Pain After Exercise and How to Relieve It

Muscle aches after exercise are common. Although actually not dangerous, this complaint sometimes raises concerns of serious injury. Muscle pain after exercise is usually experienced by people who exercise after some time not doing it, have just increased the intensity of exercise, or try a new type of exercise. In medical terms, muscle aches and stiffness that arise after exercise are called delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. This muscle pain usually appears within 24-48 hours after exercising with a high enough intensity, such as jogging, aerobics, or lifting weights. This condition can cause complaints of mild to severe muscle pain, muscle stiffness, aches, slight swelling of the muscles, and a temporary reduction in muscle strength. If the muscles are rested, complaints of pain and stiffness will usually get better faster. Causes of Muscle Pain After Exercise After physical activity or strenuous exercise, DOMS can occur when the body's muscle tissue is trying to adap

Tips to Maintain Long Lasting Makeup for Oily Skin

For owners of oily facial skin, make-up easily wear off seems familiar. Not infrequently you have to re-apply makeup often so that the face looks fresh all the time. But, these problems can actually be avoided if you know how to work around this. Every human being has sebaceous glands in the innermost skin tissue. This gland produces oil to maintain skin moisture and health. However, this gland works overactive in people who have oily skin types. On the face, excess oil can be clearly seen in the T zone (forehead, nose, and chin). How to use make-up that needs to be done Oil on the face can actually be hidden by applying makeup products that are correct and in accordance with the condition of your skin. To make the face look more durable shine-free, make sure the products you use have special formulations for oily skin, such as those that are matte, oil-free, or shine-free. Here are tips you can try: Refresh your face first Before starting your make-up, you should apply yo